ENGAGE aims to support the research engagement of people affected by social inequalities, precariousness or poverty, social exclusion and low literacy, and to reduce barriers between university research and community members.
ENGAGE contains a wealth of information that can help community members and researchers better understand the basics of participatory research. It proposes participatory and visual methods that can encourage the participation of populations that are often excluded from more traditional research designs.
  • Participatory Research

    Participatory research is an increasingly popular tool among health professionals and researchers, allowing them to study complex problems and interventions in our society, such as social and health issues.

    It is not a specific research method, but rather an approach that is applicable to any research or study process, whether quantitative or qualitative.

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  • Equity in research

    Equity in health research refers to the fact that all citizens, all those who are affected by research or who can benefit from its outcomes, should have equal opportunities to contribute to it.

    Many researchers advocate the importance of promoting equity in research and they engage in research processes that promote the participation in research of citizens, patients and community members who are otherwise “absent” or “silent” in research.

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